Going on holiday?

Running your children to and from their football match?

Being away from home is one of the most common nutrition challenges I hear about.

So here are some tips and tricks you can use to eat well on the go.

Below, 20 ways to stick to your plan, no matter where life takes you.

The ideal: You sit at the dining table and calmly, slowly, peacefully enjoy your food.

What really happens: You lose track of time while finishing up one last work email, forget to eat, and then rush out the door to pick your son up from school so you can take him to rugby and then drive your daughter home after swim practice.

Somewhere in between: A half-eaten cereal bar, a Granny Smith apple, and some cashews.

The truth is, life isn’t ideal for anyone. But you still have to eat. And you’re allowed to prioritise healthy eating even if you’re extremely busy.

There are strategies for eating well even when you’re busy.

And, in this blog, I’ll share some great suggestions that’ll help you stick to your plan, no matter where life takes you.
1. Eat a healthy meal

If you’re planning to be on the go for several hours then eat something satisfying first so you don’t find yourself hungry and reaching for junk in the first couple of hours at least!Lean proteins 1-2 palms1-2 cupped hands of carbs1-2 thumbs of fats1-2 fists of vegetables
2. Pack a snack (or several) in a cool bag.Canned sardines, salmon, tunaCut fresh fruitGrilled chickenQuality protein bar (around 20g protein, low sugar)Plain Greek yoghurtWhey or Pea protein shake (add peanut butter for extra calories)Quality meat jerky (low in sodium and sugar)Raw vegetables and hummus i.e. carrotsCelery with nut butterHard boiled eggsPlain nuts and seeds

3. Bring salad with you
In a Tupperware container with a tight fitting lid:Fill with leafy greensThrown in chopped lean meat or left over protein (tuna, salmon, egg, chicken, quinoa etc)Sprinkle with a few nuts/seedsTop with a large lemon wedge and when you’re ready to eat, squeeze the lemon juice into the salad, mix and enjoy. 
Sometimes a convenience shop is your only option. Not to worry. My advice:

Go for veggies like carrot sticks and pre-made salads first.

Beyond that..

4. Aim for better, not perfect.
Plain Greek yoghurt
Hardboiled eggs
Green beans
Protein powder
String cheese
Protein bars
Bought protein drinks
Beef jerky
Flavoured yoghurt
Hot dogs
Fried chicken

Fresh fruit
Fruit salad
Dried fruit, unsweetened
Plain or seeded crackers
Whole grain breads
Granola or cereal bars
Bought smoothies
Chocolate bars
Fizzy drinks and fruit juices
Mixed nuts
Nut butters
Trail mix
Flavoured nuts
Dark chocolate
Chocolate bars

How to make a decent petrol/convenience store meal:
1-2 proteins + 1-2 carbs + 1-2 fats (Veggies bonus)

Benifits of breakfast 

Benifits of breakfast (best fitness trainer in maharastra) Breakfast is the first meal of the day. A wholesome breakfast refuels the physique and replenishes the blood

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