Pallavi Mishra

“I have been suffering from IBS since 2012, which caused severe weight fluctuations, indigestion, heart burn etc.

Being mother of two it was never easy to loose weight but with Prashant Mistry sir, I managed to loose 12 kg of weight and I found new one. He is so knowledgeable person in fitness industry I have never ever seen in life. He always motivated and guided me until now. Thank you Prashant sir for bringing my confidence back for better future a head.”

Shashank Gulati

“The consultations from Prashant are extremely helpful. The customized diet and work out plans are beneficial for attaining fitness goals in a natural and healthy way!”

Binita Kumari

“In the year 2014, I was very overweight and used to have pain in my joints and was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. It was in the year 2015 that I met Dr. Prashant Mistry sir and started the journey of transforming my body through customized nutrition and training plans given by sir which made my body shredded and toned and I turned from Fat to Fit. It’s been 6 years that I have been following him. I have seen and heard many people who have been following training and diet plans but not getting results but from my personal experience and learnings, the trainings explained by Prashant sir are really too good and effective even for people with medical conditions.”

Taufiq Khan

“Hi, My name is Taufiq Khan and I’m a Filmmaker from Mumbai. I’d like to say that I’ve been training with Dr. Prashant Mistry Since the last 7 Years, And since then, I’ve been only training with him. One of the primary reasons I like to be trained by Dr. Mistry is that he understands and has a very deep scientific approach to his training, and not just with science he also uses mathematical approach as well towards training his clients, Which without a doubt makes my training completely cohesive and meaningful. With that being said, He also very much understands the Human anatomy and the Biomechanics that goes behind of his training program and with an amalgamation of all these things his training method becomes mind-blowing with good results. Dr. Prashant Mistry is by far I feel is one of the Best trainer we have in India and with his guidance and assistance I can say that I’ve grown a lot and have also developed a great health, fitness & Performance.”

Dr. Hinal

“I started my fitness journey two years back. I came across Prashant sir fitness class and join after thinking for long as I tired of moving many gyms and fitness classes but all in vain. I join with a thought to try this one also. But it was a important step I took to achieve my fitness goal. Prashant sir guided me about the various aspects of activities and trainings as per the individual physical structure and nutritional requirements. His trainings are customized as per individual physique and nutritional needs that is is a complete package of physical, nutritional and motivational counselling to achieve the required fitness goal whenever necessary.”

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