Dr. Prashant Mistry

Starting a gym or running a fitness clinic is not an easy task as it involves lots of challenges, but the founder and co-founder of the gym come fitness clinic, Dr Prashant Mistry and Binita Kumari had the positive attitude right from the beginning and they started their own fitness clinic called Queen Fitness, located in Gujarat with the aim of creating awareness among the women so that they learn to follow proper nutrition that the body needs in a day to day routine which would help them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Along with that they also believe in motivating their clients so that they reach optimum levels of health and physical well-being.

Binita Kumari

Today Queen Fitness has started its unique range of sports supplements with the brand name called QF and within a short time span has gained popularity and a lot of happy feedback. The unique thing about these supplements is that they are not adulterated and there are no fillers.

QF Whey Protein

Whey Protein is a popular choice amongst fitness enthusiasts and sportsmen due to its high Biological Value (BV) and favorable amino acid profile, which is rich in BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids). BCAAs help to preserve muscle tissue in high performing individuals and also aid in muscle-protein synthesis. Protein Synthesis is the conversion of food protein to muscle tissue and is the single most important anabolic trigger in your body. LEUCINE, one of the 3 amino acids which make up BCAAs, is responsible for this mechanism.

QF Whey is a super fine WHEY Protein which is formulated by using the purest isolates and hydrolysates without denaturing the natural protein fractions.

Macronutrients, namely Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats form the foundation for muscle growth. These macronutrients when consumed in selective combinations, are sources of calories from which new muscle is formed (anabolism). But it is the type, quality and ratios of these macronutrients that’s more important than their sheer quantity in determining whether you will see gains in the form of lean muscle tissue or end up storing most of those excess calories as body fat. Testosterone is the primary anabolic hormone in the body, which ignites this new muscle formation (anabolism). Without primed levels of free testosterone, not much can be achieved through weight training.


QF Gainz is a controlled calorie weight gain powder, formulated with high quality macronutrients to support your muscle building goals. This formula features an All-Whey Protein blend along with low glycemic carbs in a targeted 1:3 Protein:Carb ratio, to support increases in lean muscle mass.

QF GAINZ uses complex carbohydrate forms – Isomaltose and Low-DE-long-chain-Glucose-Polymers to provide you a rich supply of quality calories, without the associated blood sugar/insulin spikes caused by most other sugar loaded weight gainers.


Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are essential nutrients that the body cannot make on its own, and are heavily depleted during periods of exercise and sport. BCAAs play a key role in muscle protein synthesis, the anabolic trigger which converts food protein into muscle tissue.

QF BCAA is 100% Fermented BCAA+ uses only the best and most bioavailable amino acids in the industry. Our All-Vegan Amino-acid line is manufactured using a unique fermentation process, which produces a cleaner, clearer molecule as opposed to most other products on the market.

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