How Much Does Personal Trainer Cost in Mumbai?

How Much Does Personal Trainer Cost in Mumbai?

Why is personal  Training So precious? 

Personal fitness trainer  Mumbai is more precious than attending group classes for the simple reason that a professional fitness educator is coming all the way to your home or spa to train you simply. ‘ particular Attention ’ is the keyword then. Look at it this way – how important would you demand if you yourself were a particular coach and were waking up every morning and daring business and rush hour chaos to reach different locales throughout the day. Also factor in trip costs which can be significant in a mega city like Mumbai. 

Who Are your Coaches? 

Our aphorism is Educated Coaches for the Educated Individual! All the fitness coaches who are associated with us are some of the smartest, most good and utmost devoted best fitness trainer in Mumbai that you could conceivably find. We only empanel those who are certified in physical fitness training and other corresponding physical conditioning from reputed institutes. All our coaches have at least 1 time of training experience and have excellent communication chops. Every coach’s background and credentials are vindicated and cross checked. 

Why do you take advance before the training starts? 

An advance paid is an suggestion of your commitment and your soberness about pursuing your fitness pretensions. Also when we admit an advance from you, we’re suitable to effectively block a coach’s schedule for you for the entire month. A lot of times, people also lose interest after a period of time and may discontinue their program. In similar cases, we don’t like to waste our time chasing guests for overdue pretenses – time which could be better spent planning or working out! 

How important do you charge for particular training? 

The average freights for particular training is ₹1,500/- per session. This quantum is subject to change though depending upon the vacuity of coaches in your area, the time of the time, the experience of the coach and also the distance that the coach has to travel to reach your house. Any reduction offered is entirely at our discretion. We also reserve the right to increase our freights at the end of every training cycle or during peak months similar as post-festival season or post New Year’s Eve when demand far outweighs the number of coaches that we’ve on board. 

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