what to do in the gym is confusing

Knowing what to do in the gym is confusing(best fitness trainer in mumbai)

best fitness trainer in mumbai

Whether you’re an overly-calloused pro, or it’s your first time training, it can still be a daunting prospect to know what workout programme to follow, class to join, or personal trainer to hire (best fitness trainer in mumbai)

it’s somewhat similar to the feeling I get when something goes wrong with my car- I tend to just pick the closest garage that doesn’t have an awful star rating (or ask my mates where they go), then I’m entirely at the mercy of the mechanic’s knowledge

when I rock up (maybe I just need oil, maybe I’ve been driving Flintstone-style without an engine for the last few months, I’m really none-the-wiser)

​so whether you pluck a training session from men’s health, ask your mate to show you the ropes, join a class or bootcamp, or take the plunge and hire a Personal Trainer? Trust me when I say, I understand that cautious feeling you’ll get from the outset- hoping you’ve made the right choice

and the frustration of hearing that same car-clunk, or not being any closer to your ideal waist size or physique after 3 months? Is something we all deserve to avoid

So to make that decision a little easier (and confirm you’ve done the right thing if you’ve already taken the plunge (& help you get outta there if you haven’t!)), we’ve created a list of the 3 questions you need to ask to know whether what you’re doing is a fad workout, or a legit solution to your problem

Because no one wants to pay for a completely new motor, when all they needed to do was refill their wiper fluid

“IS THIS A FAD WORKOUT” QUESTION ONE:(best fitness trainer in mumbai)


The human body, whilst it does vary from person to person- tends to function in the same way best fitness trainer in mumbai

and it makes adjustments (good or bad) according the the positions it’s most often placed into, and the movements it most often repeats

it’s how we can so easily predict i  personal studio Personal Training Studio, that if we have a new client comes in that’s desk-bound for 8 hours a day? They’ll have tight hip-flexors, hamstrings, upper traps & pecs (which often means lower back pain and a slightly forward leaning posture)

because our bodies adjust to the stimulus it’s exposed to most frequently. Therefore an effective training programme? Must take a balanced approach to movement patterns (best fitness trainer in mumbai)

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