How to build muscle from home

I’m speaking with a lot of stressed out people right now I don’t think people realised how important their exercise was for their mindset, not just the physical progress. As a personal trainer my job has always been to motivate, educate and ensure I get the best possible results with people. But a big partContinue reading “How to build muscle from home”

Strategies for having healthy food available when you need it

Never seem to find healthy food when you’re hungry or haven’t got time to spend ages cooking? Try these strategies for having healthy food available when you need it. They’ll help make planning your meals easy and stress-free. One of the many important lessons I teach my clients: Keep it simple. Think less. Make fewerContinue reading “Strategies for having healthy food available when you need it”

Are abs really made in kitchen?

 common mistake I see people making with their fitness journey is overlooking the basics of nutrition in favour of more intense training sessions.Properly fueling your training is a fundamental element of your energy levels and body composition. If you’re new to exercise, you may have heard these terms before but not really understood the impactContinue reading “Are abs really made in kitchen?”

Is there any specific rep range for muscle hypertrophy?

The ideal rep range for muscle growth is 8-12 reps.You might have heard mechanical tension, muscle damage, and metabolic stress are the three mechanisms for muscle growth. However, without mechanical tension – tension exerted on the muscles from movement and external loads to reduce, produce, or control force – you don’t create muscle damage orContinue reading “Is there any specific rep range for muscle hypertrophy?”

How Coffee Impacts Your Progress?

Coffee is a staple in the lives of many and can be beneficial for both health and performance in the gym when not over-consumed. Aside from the most known fact that coffee helps us get going in the morning, some research shows that metabolism is increased a few hours after drinking coffee. This can beContinue reading “How Coffee Impacts Your Progress?”


With the party season well on its way here are a few helpful hints to help you prepare for all the food and drink and celebrating heading your way. You really don’t have to overindulge. So have a read, follow the guidelines and know that you will be able to enjoy yourself without ruining allContinue reading “HOW TO EAT OUT AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT?”


Hidden Sugars One of the many concerns my clients have is how to lose fat from specific areas, especially around their tummies, but everyone seems to have different areas that they find it hard to shift weight from. So how do you shift excess fat or gain more tone in those specific areas? The answerContinue reading “HAVE A SWEET TOOTH?”