You were born an intuitive eater!

Let me tell you a story…

You were born to eat when you were hungry.

And stop when you got full.

You were born with the instinct to choose foods that satisfied you.

You were born knowing how to take care of your body.

And your body has a natural, instinctual way of healing itself.

But then, the big bad diet culture disguised itself as your only source of loving your body, being healthy, and feeling satisfied and accomplished in life.

It taught you to restrict.

To ignore your hunger.

To distrust your body.

And then you thought something was wrong with you when you couldn’t lose the weight you wanted.

When the diet (and the other diet, and the other diet) didn’t work.

When you started emotional eating and bingeing.

When you were always hungry because salads and cauliflower rice weren’t filling you up.


So tune back into your body and listen to what it actually needs.

Allow yourself to reintroduce intuitive eating into your life.

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