1 – Do they take steroids? Or at the very least look like they probably do based on their stats and pictures?

Now this isn’t me suggesting that someone who has made that choice can’t give out good, sound advice to anyone. BUT, and its a big but, most individuals I have encountered who take steroids and other performance enhancing drugs have an augmented view of what actually works.

Someone who takes gear will more often than not get a result regardless of what training protocol or dietary strategy they have adopted. They can take drugs to get lean. They can take drugs to maintain or even build muscle whilst on a cut. All of this contributes to confirmation that what they are doing WORKS. What they are doing could actually be detrimental to someone who doesn’t take bodybuilding drugs.

All the cardio they did, all that protein they ate should be working for a natural client but its not. So what often happens. They ditch their client weeks from a show. Its certainly something I’ve come across before.

Just be wary of the overly jacked dude/dudette giving advice as it probably doesn’t come with their ‘supplement’ stack.

2 – Are they trying to sell you a supplement product along with their advice? 

We all know the herbal life junkies out there. Trying to do good in the world and make a quick buck but what about ‘sponsored athletes’ (also called brand ambassadors or those people who stand in GNC) who push discount codes to their followers. These fitness individuals could be influenced into selling their ‘sponsors’ supplements off the back of affiliates.

Giving out advice to take a supplement and attaching a discount should be an alarm bell. Its unlikely you’ll be taking a supplement thats hugely detrimental to your progress but money could be well spent somewhere else. A larger variety of food could be one of them.

3 – Do you follow those great looking fitness pro’s who always post selfies on Instagram?

You know the ones. Every picture is a self indulgent ‘look at me’ post. They typically only post pictures of themselves when they were in great shape. They hit an awkward looking, pointed toe, side twist selfie to hide the fact they got fat off of their drug taking and shit diet.

Now why do I think following these fitness people is ruining your progress?

Well we seek inspiration from these individuals and once again it can create an augmented reality of what ‘normal’ condition for most is like. If you follow an individual who constantly posts selfies that are photoshopped or from another decade you never see whats real. This can lead to demotivation. Thinking you’ll never look like them when in actual fact their off season would actually shock you.

I think its great that people show case their physiques but I also think its important that they post pics of their ‘off season’ to give a true reflection of their true self all year round. Be careful who you follow and take inspiration from. Some are trying to be something they’re not.

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